F+B is for the woman intentionally living to lift his name higher.

We are a lifestyle and storytelling resource

that aims to help you better understand ways your marriage, motherhood assignment, dwelling space, wellness, and place in the world world can lift his name higher. 

We have practical journal entries that show how our day to days fit into scripture, testimony spotlights that help encourage our own stories to thrive, and soon to come, the F + B shop, stocked with products that serve as conversational pieces for Heaven's gain.


We believe that basic holiness has the power to permeate both people and things. We believe the Bible is ultimate truth, and a story our lives fit richly into. we also believe that Jesus established the local church to carry out His mission on earth. 

We hope through the engagement of both, we live our stories out to their fullest potential this side of Heaven.

His name higher.