Field + Bone




Field + Bone was founded by Brittany Kelly in 2013 as an online journal to document simple, significant beauty in the every day ordinary. Growing up, her first two decades, and formative years were rooted and raised in small town Mountain Brook, Alabama. Here, the importance of heritage and gravitation to the details of treasures and tales that were “passed down from my Nana,” wrote a significant foundation into her beliefs of God and the narrative He too has passed down for us to join in on. After half a decade spent in the wild west of Colorado with her husband and two kids, they are now planted in Auburn, Alabama. She now creates for a handful of client profiles (both for personal pieces + commercial/branding) in the medium of heirloom photography and written story.

From a simple journal to a working creative, story-telling studio, Field + Bone thanks the Maker of the stars above to be lucky enough to work with a handful of dream client profiles. Thank y’all for sharing your tales of the American South with us - glasses raised that they may they live on and out for generations to come.


“For me there was a natural path that came with roots of decades-deep-life spent in South. Years written out in heritage calling, and story-telling development from the way people in the South naturally ebb and flow relationally. I develop like minded visuals and written story - works drawing from raw, strong, color palates. Songs of tale to capture, pulled from the slow-paced, vibrant Creations of creamy magnolia blooms, wild kudzoo vines, soft coastal pastels, and thick woods of swaying loblollies. A Southern perspective, adapted by an eye alert for the raw and wild - a perspective honed by my years in Rocky Mountain territory. It is one of my greatest life adventures and passions to story-tell the heritage and timelessness that the South whispers on - those great stories of heart in heirloom quality.”