why the details matter


I am a home body. Truly, I can hermit like the best of them, so it is a bit ironic that so much of husband and my jobs require us to spend time outside of the home. Life in ministry is fast paced and for a youth pastor and social media marketer, so much of our work lies outside the walls of our dwelling space and intermingled among other people and places. 

And yet, walking through my front door has the power to settle my shoulders, and drop task lists. It is a place where every paint color, every fabric choice, every bit of detailed importance comes from the ways God has uniquely wired my likes, desires, and aesthetics to come alive all around me. In that way, home becomes more than just a place to sleep, eat, and get dressed, it becomes a place where the God colors of your life are able to paint themselves true, and invite others in on the journey.

Pictures, little bits and bobs snuck from the floors of Rocky Mountain National Park, bits and bobs Evan and I collected while we were still dating, my stuffed dog now sitting guard in my kid's room, old furniture loved by by Grandpa, brass candlesticks from the collection my mom and I hunted down for my wedding, trinkets passed down from my mom's mom's mom. Your home can be an heirloom marked by legacy and honor if you choose it to be. It can be place where God can breathe into the details to remind us of the people, places, and moments He has filled our lives with. A place for purpose and potential to build alongside physical reminders of purpose fulfilled and potential struck. This is why the details must matter to Him. Details that can serve as conversations starters, invitations into our testimonies. There is power in the details. The Bible says the Holy Spirit has the power to permeate both people and things, and I believe it.

So here is some spring inspiration to clean house. Fill your space with the things you find beautiful or purposeful. Fill it with the things that point you to His goodness. His beauty unique to your life. Fill a bag (or two or three) with the things no longer useful or stuffed away for too long and drop them off at your local Good Will. It feels reallllll nice to clean house in this way, try it, try it!

If Heaven is to invade earth, may it start with the literal design of the what you see every day in your home. And let's be real, Heaven is going to be some kind of beautiful wonderful, an understatement of I've ever heard one, and I for one invite even a tiny portion of that wonder as deeply into my home as this side of Jesus' return will allow.