incomprehensible //09

Jesus. Holy Spirit. God. 

I love the dynamic gifted to mankind. Three in one. It makes no sense, and yet through it we are handed ultimate truth. I find myself conversing individually the three parts in a manner that is situationally dependent. Jesus in my soul's humanity. Conversations that range the spectrum of light hearted humor to knee bending gratitude. The Holy Spirit a thermal measure pulling the soul into the still, warmed waters of my spirit. Comforter—always. And then there is God.

The Almighty. My rock. A strong tower. Alpha and Omega. Healer. Provider. Banner of Victory. He is endless, boundless, timeless. He is so much more. 

My interactions with GOD are definitive. They are core memories, the "woah" moments you store away, the one's so forceful, you are quite literally at a loss for air. Mine are mostly had in nature's enormity and power, her fierceness. A recent ice storm pulling forth frozen breath and holy dialogue with our—my—God. Ice wrapping itself around twigs and leaves silently holding them in a dormant hostage for a season.  A season whose end is met when real rest is found, and the earth is again replenished for a new sowing season. Oh the lessons THAT could teach us.

And yet, I have found that God is ignored in the Christmas season. In the midst of the most powerful climate shifts, the season whose heightened display of His creativity, power, enormity, instead engages images of the infant Christ.  We even allow the Holy Spirit to guide us along the reality of His birth, and we accept that God will come around again as Easter's blinded eye. May it not be so this year, may is be greater. 

May we have more "woah" moments than ever. May we engage with the Creator, and in that may we understand His Son and Spirit in a fresh way that only the holidays can allow. 

To the one who set the winter season up to redeem the land in both it's literal, physically hardened splendor, as well as through the celebration of His greatest gift to humanity: we love you. Challenge us, shape us, change us, both now, and forever more. Amen.