Field + Bone


a bit on bones //01

I have a thing for bones.

That sounds creepy, I know.  Honestly though, come over to my house and see for yourself.  The amount of antlers I have hanging, drawn, or painted is a bit excessive...or awesome.

Photo: @bitkell

Photo: @bitkell

I think you could have a thing for bones too.  Take the rib cage for example.  A bouquet of bones designed (primarily) for a single purpose: to enclose and protect the lungs and heart, two of the most obvious organs required for life.  One of the two being the very thing we are called to guard above all else.  

Coincidence that God removed the physical bone set as guard over man's heart to breathe to life the feminine form? I think not.

There is divine measure in that breath as the blessing of multiplication has taken her from one to billions.  What could His divinity be pointing us to as women of this blessing?  I think it screams that our potential to guard, defend, stand firm, capture and maintain hearts, and help cultivate an environment for life to breathe around and in us is highly underrated.

And so BONE exists...

Here, inspiration will take many forms through the posts of those who embrace this concept.  Those who call out the splendor of global sisterhood as a gift, not a competition.  Those intentional to first better themselves, so that in turn their communities and world are shaken until their sparkle is caught.  It is my hope that this community becomes yours too.  Nestle in.

Here's to allowing the natural flow of betterment become our most fragrant offering of worship.

For the King.

xx, Britt