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keep running //01

Running is intense.

I'm more of a biker, but I had just gotten back into running over Christmas. My dad runs ultra marathons (50-100miles). An agreement to train together was something of a risk on both ends.

We began our workout on a hilltop overlooking our little corner of the southwest region of Germany. It was early in the morning, and there was no sound other than our feet patting the ground in a steady rhythm—a melody of crunching snow. We talked, but mostly we let nature envelope.

It is in these idyllic moments we feel closest to God—thankfulness the only response.

We ran on remote little paths, up hills further into the forest, further into the silence. A fox the only color for miles.

Photo: @ramonasebald

Photo: @ramonasebald

There were moments of having to push myself for long uphill stretches and moments of just letting go, running freely downhill. Breathing in air so cold it stung.

Stay focused. 

Keep running no matter how far we were away from our cars, or how fast our pace was pushing us. Be present in the moment. Decide to pull through. Push forward, and don't give up.

I guess this is true not only for working out, but for life in general. Things will inevitably hit us in our day-ins to day-outs that are difficult (the desert seasons, if you will), but as in fitness and life: it’s about getting up, getting through, and finishing strong.

Whatever your season is currently bringing you, find that gold and revel in it.  

Hebrews nails it: “Strip down, start running – and never quit!… Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in.” 

Never quit.

XO from Germany,