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honor's wage //02

"For the wages of dishonor is death."

I just quoted myself.

I had to do it, because the 500 quotes Siri gave me on honor didn't relate to my recent revelation on the matter. 

A few of the Contributors to F+B and I are products of Highlands College, birthed from Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama. In our three years there we had honor surgically inserted into our hearts, minds, souls, bones, tongues, eyelids, legs, arms, hands, feet, etc. Let me tell you, the fruit of honor in our lives blooms: love, contentment, charity, and life.

Two years out of school, however, I found myself fighting the good fight but weighed down with hatred, discontentment, selfishness, and lifelessness.

These are the fruits of dishonor. 

In 2013, I accepted a position as a lead worship pastor right out of school. We had roughly 15 people on the worship team, around 500 people in attendance, and three services for the weekend. Now, we have 50 people on the team, almost 3,ooo people in attendance, and run eight services with an off-site campus and a second launching in April. Only Jesus can do that.

I didn't know it at the time, but the dishonor in my heart had robbed the joy of being a part of something SO amazing. Yet, I felt no attachment.

I hated the city, had no need to invest in relationships, disliked the staff, didn't care where we were heading or how, and, worst of all, grew bitter towards my pastor.

photo: @kellyroberson

photo: @kellyroberson

In Mark 6:1-6, Jesus went to his hometown of Nazareth to teach and heal and be, well, Jesus. Because of their unbelief, however, "...he couldn't do any mighty miracles among them except heal a few sick people." In all the other towns he healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, cast out demons, and even raised the dead! But because the people in his hometown had no honor for him in their hearts, it caused them to lack faith, and the Lord "couldn't do any mighty miracles."

Think what you will, but something seems to have restrained Jesus. Their lack of honor stopped the power of God from instilling wholeness throughout a city. This was my burden; I had no honor for the place, the people, the position, or the person the Lord put me under. The reward: two years of misery.

Don’t lose heart here! There is hope with honor in your blood.

All leaders are from the Lord (see Romans 13). I want to encourage you: whether you're in ministry, the corporate world, or school, honor your leaders and authorities. Some will be a joy, and others will be tough. No matter their character you have one job: honor.

I love my city.
I love my church.
I love my job.
I love my pastor.
I feel like I love Jesus again.

Honor changes the game.  I have found (generally speaking) that things with immense value or lethality deserve to be honored.  Let’s end by putting it practically:

If you dishonor a bear, you're dead.
If you dishonor fire, you'll burn.
If you dishonor authority, you'll lose.
If you dishonor your calling, you'll fall behind.
If you dishonor your [BONE], it will break.
If you dishonor your [FIELD], it will be taken from you.

Honor BIG,