Field + Bone


april //03

The number four in scripture: 4 seasons embedded in creation, on the 4th day our universe was complete, 4 corners of the earth, 4 rivers of Eden, 4 angels of Revelation, 4 creatures of Ezekiel, the 4 Gospels.  

"4" sits stoutly as an answer to beauty and power...wonder even…signing it's signature as a check mark.  April, the fourth month of our calendar year, delicately convinces us to come up for air.  Lulling us through baby blooms of spring, so He may overtake our lungs with divine oxygen. 



As I listen to what the Lord is stirring up, in and around me during this coming month, I hear one word—answers.   Answers seen and unseen.  Answers clear and answers foggy.  Answers for our personal lives, and other answers that lend themselves in forms as simple, yet masterful, as a glass of rain for our thirsty earth.  

This month's holy pairing of a blood moon and the celebrated Resurrection brings with it requirements of the practice in navigation. It brings an opportunity to step with confidence into the fullness of these answers and on into blessing.  A divine, intentional pause.  A bold, convicting jump.  A season just long enough to set our compasses, read the wind, and deduce what Holy ground we are to thump our feet against for the course of these next 30 thirty days.

May the Lord use Issue //03 of F + B Magazine to pull away the scales blinding you from the answers He has waiting to be seen, heard, felt, and tasted.  Both answers you have sought His counsel in the subsequent days, weeks, months, perhaps even years—as well as the ones you don’t even know you are seeking yet, or perhaps in your tired, wintry humanity, simply forgot to ask Him for. 

May April be a month of clarity set within His boundary lines...

Then the Lord said to him, “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”
-Acts 7:33

My goodness, and my fortress; my high tower, and my deliverer; my shield, and He in whom I trust…
-Psalm 144:2


Let’s declare these vantage points as ours this month.  Don’t wait another second.  Go.  Ascend into the High Tower so that Heaven’s perspective pours out it's answers over your gray spots.  It is in this power and by this perspective, that we are able to swing our swords with purposed victory over the Holy Ground of our lives.

This month is going to be beautiful in you.