Field + Bone


judah babe //03

Judah Everett Kelly.  Three names that have come together as one, and COMPLETELY rocked my world.

There are the typical new-parent revelations: a greater understanding of selflessness, a new take on true love, and so on...I hate to fall into the cliche of it all, but here I am…soaking up a new level of selflessness, a ridiculously deepened sense of love, and way too many instagrams of our little dude.



With all the newness, my world finds itself shifting into something unknown.  Familiar surroundings are glittered with traces of this new life: burp cloths and tiny toboggans hiding underneath my pillow and trapped in between the sheets, pacifiers dotting couch arms and coffee tables, the familiar has transformed into a wonderfully foreign landscape.  And the beauty of the whole thing is so obvious...

The tangible change around me mimicking the eternal change of Christ's conquering within me. Our lives are meant to be transformed constantly. Why do we ever stop before the "constantly" can stick?  We experience the Lord, make a shift in the way we live our life, and then we stop.  We are "good" with the revelation we just experienced and how this new take on some aspect of life has transformed us—no need to go any farther. We find ourselves again settling into the comfortable hum-drum of day to day life within our new perspective and the acceptance of a sprinkle when we could have a swim.  

So what if that wasn't enough for us anymore? What would the world look like if we set our intentions on constant change, a continual sanctification not to be quenched by one revelation, one encounter with the Lord, but instead begging the Heavens for a million?

In my literal world, it can't be enough anymore. A newborn becomes a toddler, who becomes an adolescent, who becomes a teenager, who becomes an adult. Each new stage will bring an inevitable new shift, and new jar to my familiar surroundings.  

As I type, Judah sleeps restlessly next to me, and I thank God that He never wants to leave us as we are.  I thank God that if we can bring ourselves to trust Him, He will lend us over to a better version of ourselves. Sometimes through the vessel of a gassy baby (did I mention He is funny too?). And so twice now, the story of a tiny baby boy has changed not only my life, but the fate of the planet.  

Because of this, I believe in the dunamis power of the cross. I believe in the daily betterment for the world's sake. I believe that He uses one to change the billions. In a season of so many questions, so much new territory, I am reminded of this truth tucked deep in the essential seed of belief. 

Therein lies my answer to all things this month. The things that need answers, the things that seem overwhelming, the things that I am unsure of, the things that seem too good to be true, the things that seem unbelievable. They aren't. Because I believe.  Sisters: let go and let belief awaken in all the unknowns of your life this month, and every month.  Let Paradise's perspective reign down.

Because without faith it is impossible to please God.  Because anyone who comes to Him must believe He exists, and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. -Hebrews 11:6