Field + Bone


the great outdoors //03

Inspired by nature and all living things from a young age, I find myself chomping at the bit to spread the word about how important the outdoors and community are, together, in all our lives every day.

My passion for nature, people, and creation around me is something that lends insight into who I am, why I was created, and how to live a better more relational life with those around me.



Interest in nature and community combined stems from the need to be deeply rooted and in touch with others, God, creation, and self.  It goes without saying: there is something very tactile about exploring, playing, or even just walking together in nature. Watching things thrive, live, and grow.  Nature was created for humanity and it nurtures the soul on a very real level.  When we experience that gift together our lives feel a deeper sense of significance to the earth and to each other.  Life becomes more real in some way.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein

Community outdoors is a different approach to life — an intentional, simpler, and healthy challenge to cultivate a life well lived.

Building relationships with one another in nature prompts us to feel alive, free, and more tangibly connected to ourselves, our community, and ultimately to the Father.  By engaging others in creation we create inspiring and special memories, build motivation and confidence, gain knowledge, get clear perspective, and generally think more positively about life. This interpersonal wellness breeds healthy and well-sustained friendships, which builds longer lasting relationships.  

How's that for living a good life?

Life is often stressful, yes, and passes by all too quickly.  It can be hard to break free from your hectic schedules and take the time to enjoy breaths of fresh air allowing the connection with nature or community to exist.

When life sits in a fast paced season, chose to remember (and then act on) your understanding of refreshment and connection — two things needed in order to live a healthy, well-balanced life.

With that, here is your challenge: choose one day each week to meet up with friends and enjoy community outdoors.

Live outside the box—that brick and mortar box called a building.

Connect with yourself. Connect with your community. Connect with your Creator.