Field + Bone


june //05

Summer's spontaneity has taken to our team like a virus, and we are poised to welcome all that comes with her unpredictability.  This month we will be releasing articles at random, filling our store with handmade knick-knacks that have been crafted over the past few months and hosting our first F + B at the table evening underneath the brilliant Amarillo summer sky.

To the summer souls, my sisters who have put in the miles this winter in their workplaces, their schoolwork, their relationships, their spirit man, their marriages, their babies, their health. We speak a month of beautiful blessing over all those miles, and believe that they will be blessed ten-fold by the victory we live by and in. 



And so—as the adventure of June falls willingly on to our laps, let's taste her bounty and surrender to her FREE INDEED whimsy.  It's going to be a good month.

Stay tuned...