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the glinted hours //05

The morning routine. It's a beautiful thing. I have heard it said by morning people and non-morning people alike, there is something magical in the lines of her golden shadows—a holy splendor of sorts. Boiling water, zooming coffee beans freshly grinding against themselves. The soundtrack is epic. Maybe it's the blurred vision and foggy mind that makes it all so wonderful, but the reason behind the magic is irrelevant, as is with any great magic trick. It sits as the hours conceived to enjoy, and to enjoy slowly.

My home holds it's established routine. 7 o'clock wake up, interaction with the gym or yoga mat, and then the grand finale, the final bow, the kitchen. We have found a correlation between the ticking dawn and our family's health + wellness. It is lot easier to finish well when we have started well. Once ahead, we stay there.

I get questions often on the simplicity of our kitchen cabinets and the seemingly unnecessarily large amounts of leafs and colorful shapes that set up temporary camp in our refrigerator. We aim for local + organic, it's simple really, we aim for REAL food. We aim to take His gifted temples as a treasure, not overlooking the weight of what rests inside. The intricacies of the human body, His Spirit, holy and alive. Woah. We aim to set the grounds for nourishment, to allow the room for health, energy, and ability to thrive.

And it starts in the glinted hours. Nestled deeply into the routine and familiar sounds of my home, it starts with some water and a kettle. Pretty darn simple, right?

F + B ginger wellness water:

1. boil water

2. slice fresh (organic) ginger root into penny sized shapes

3. slice a lemon (organic) in 1/2

4. combine water, ginger pieces (3-5 depending on taste preference), and 1/2 freshly squeezed juice from aforementioned lemon or two lemon slices in your favorite mug

5. drizzle in honey (aim for local + raw + organic here) to sweeten if so desired


6. sip pause repeat

7. change the world

b e n e f i t s

WARM WATER-gives the metabolism a kick start aiding in weight loss and bloat prevention, has a detoxifying affect on the the whole body, helps repair skin cells that increase skin's elasticity, helps prevent acne and premature wrinkling, and the obvious hydration benefits which aid in headache and fatigue prevention.

GINGER-helps reduce any bodily inflammation valuable in managing headaches and cramps, aids in digestion and cleaning of the intestinal tract, acts as a heating agent improving circulation and blood flow, helps reduce muscle pain and soreness beneficial for post workout recovery.

LEMON-rich in vitamin C, an essential nutrient protecting the body against immune system deficiencies, helps reduce pain and inflammation in joints (great for runners), fights against premature wrinkles and acne, provides liver enzymes when they are too diluted, strengthening the organ's overall health, the potassium content helps nourish brain and nerve cells, helps maintain overall optimal vision, helps replenish body salts after a strenuous workout.

HONEY (local + raw for maximum benefits)-acts as a natural allergen fighter and preventative against the common cold, at 17 grams of carbohydrates/tablespoon it is perfect in aiding post workout recovery, helps cure sore and itchy throats due to air-born allergens, natural sleep aid due to insulin/serotonin affects, 

The beginnings of developing a healthy lifestyle is tucked in the sweetness of your morning routine. Make it count. Make it magic. Make it holy. Because why would you want anything less when it holds that potential?

 Drink + be inspired.

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