Field + Bone


july //06


The seventh month. Seven—the perfect number, the number of completion. We feel it. We feel it cliched between in the "summer time and the livins' easy" type of way.

We feel the final breath of a season that began F + B as we push on to larger dreams for the magazine, for our community, for our world. Smokey meat and sweet bar-b-que-d day dreams scent the air and we find ourselves relaxing underneath the heat. Gearing up for things to come, as we enjoy the fullness of the here and now. 

As June exhales into July we end and begin a special season with issue // 06. We simultaneously find our finale and opening curtain in our first ever at the table event on July 6, where we will explore flavor notes from the coffee beans and shop that fuel our town's population, otherwise known as Palace Coffee. We will be pairing the sacred sips with summer's hors d'oeuvre-ial bounty.

June's slow release will continue on through July as grounds for new F + B dreams and visions to unfold. Stay tuned for all this summer's peak has to offer. Check us out @fieldandbone on instagram for more updates, as well as the announcement of our ticket release for at the table part 2: coffee the supper.

As always, lots of love for our growing community. You are beautiful. You are wonderful. You are purposed. Be His, be free, be you.

pioneer on,