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Those who know your name trust in You…PSALM 9:10

King David gave his opinion. A lot. Paul says he was a man after God's own heart, so I'm okay with the opinions.

The Psalms are incredible. I'll take reading the journal of a King over reality TV any day. David's deepest pleas, lowest lows, and the captured glory of raw and real relationship with the ONLY living God. The blessing of belief. It's stunning. The images carefully versed singing part creation, part a recount of the Lord's character, have no match, no counterparts apart from the actual first-hand experience. The first-hand experience David didn't even witness half of. Maybe this is what sets him apart. 

Maybe it was his constant pursuit of the Lord's mentoring whether in earthly victory or defeat. The man wasn't perfect. Time-warp him into ruler of modern America and he would be facing impeachment were he sitting in the presidential hotseat today. Yet, his penned legacy is as a man after God's own heart. How can I get in on that?

I think it's simple. Know the Lord by name. Of David's many opinions, this is my favorite. I believe it to be true as I have seen it personally produce holy fruit. I believe it to be true because though it is the opinion of a King who lived thousands of years ago, it sits forever written into the World's most printed book which also happens to be the ultimate truth. Don't overthink it. Apply it to your life, test it, pray to Him, recognize Him in accordance to the bounty that lies in His names—all of them. Knowing Him by name. Calling upon Him in His fullness. Resting in the completed perfection He offers, not just a few of the pieces. Beauty is ahead. Selah. -B

Those who know your name trust in You…PSALM 9:10

the names of God

El Shaddai: Lord, God ALMIGHTY
Adonia: Lord, MASTER
Yahweh: Lord, JEHOVAH
Jehovah Nissi: Lord, MY BANNER
Jehovah-Raah: Lord, MY SHEPHERD
Jehovah Rapha: Lord, HEALER
Jehovah Shammah: Lord, is THERE
Jehovah Tsidkenu: Lord, OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS
Jehovah Mekoddishkem: Lord, OUR SANCTIFIER
Elohim: GOD
Qanna: JEALOUS God
Jehovah Jireh: Lord, OUR PROVIDER
Jehovah Shalom: Lord, OUR PEACE
Jehovah Sabaoth: Lord OF HOSTS




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