Field + Bone


august //07

B: I recently had the chance to recharge for 2 weeks at my parents home in Alabama. It was hot. Humidity so thick, I imagine it similar to breathing in oatmeal. It's interesting, the things you forget when removed from the day to day of a place for a time. Lightning bugs, cricket songs, and pines so tall your mouth just kind of naturally drops open as your head takes in their slender enormity. It's there in the forgotten happy spaces she made her appearance.

E: August has always felt like the last gasp of summer: cool air ominous and school lurking at the other end of a fortnight or two. August is our final chance of R&R and adventure before another seasonal slump. I had to get out and see something special.

B: The first breaths of autumn. The first whiffed hint of decaying leaves and bonfires to be had. She was no where to be seen, but she was there. 

E: Luckily I work for a man who craves campfires and creation, and he takes the masses along for the ride. The man knows what it takes to build community: thrust a group into the wild air and see what happens. How about Colorado?

B: This month, F + B is taking on the beauty of relationships. Intimacy that happens in all social spheres between the two: dating, marriage, friendships, mentors, etc. The beauty of knowing, of sensing. The beauty of being able to enter other's lives so monumentally (if we allow), that you can sense each other's presence, even when not seen. A level of heightened discernment only real and raw relationships can bring out.

E: Fourteen miles paired with thousands of feet in elevation gain and we had us a good, ole fashioned challenge on our hands. I've mentioned this in an earlier post, but pressure produces the pearls/oil/gold/best. And we had fifty college students under strain. I've discovered 13,000 feet above sea level brings a lot out of a person. 

B: We aren't talking community on a large level here, we are talking about the importance of the one on one, mono y mono. Scaling it down and bringing it back to creation's guidance: Adam + God, Adam + Eve, 2 of every kind on the arc. Why the creation of the pair is so dramatically important. Reigning in the wonder of the most basic level of community and welcoming it. Naturally, the season around us is waking in the same way. Entering back into our lives as that familiar friend whose scheduled presence gracefully takes us out of summer. The blessing of knowing she is there in trusting reliance without a deeper need to see her face for confirmation.

E: Community like you've never seen evolves from a less-than-easy situation with people who are willing. I love the realization that pulses through a group of "I have what it takes." God is always whispering that truth in our ear; sometimes it just comes through a little clearer when the pressure's on and you've got some good buds around. 



B: Blessed are those who haven't seen me but believe. -Jesus
And so it be with us this month. Blessed in our belief. 

E: Now you're my friends. -Jesus
I'm in it for the pearls/oil/gold/best. 

Pioneer on,
E & B