something uttered

"The words of King Lemuel. An oracle that his mother taught him:"

Proverbs 31:1 ESV


Motherhood. The all encompassing role and assignment. It has been delicately, constantly, on my mind, in my prayers, and deeply admired in the way others present it, recently. Last night I washed and folded the smocked, cotton, and linen details that our baby girl will be wrapped up in for her first few days in the world. Every detail of packing a hospital bag, praying into our labor experience, and the words we are speaking over her life, feel purposed and intentional from the most basic human needs, to the greatest joys of partnering with God as He reveals her to us a bit more day by day. Motherhood. Dynamic, delicate, wonderful.

Proverbs 31 outlines a momma (and wife, community benefactor, friend, etc. etc.) who leaves those richly touched around her. Words that call to life holy fire and authentic living for the female spirit when meditated and acted upon. Words that have been twisted as lies, removed from their original context to sew deep disdain within one type of female leadership sphere, or to surface as insecurity and inadequacy in the homes of another.

And yet something is so often overlooked here. These words weren't scripted out in ink by a woman intent to develop a blueprint in steps towards female powerhous-ing, they were written by a man.  A king's recording of a remembered oracle taught to him by his mother. The word "oracle" when spoken in Hebrew defined as "something uttered, specifically something uttered by God."

Stunning. Entire ministries, countless (literally) small groups, and most likely millions of women have stared at these words and allowed them to shape their efforts, words, demeanors, strengths, weaknesses, relationships, and spaces that define femininity and duty. Words uttered by God through a mother's voice and imprinted on the mind of a child king. This is the holy ground we are given in conversation's manner with our children. Ground that can be set apart as heavenly conversing, ground that can be retained and recorded for generations to come, ground that can impact the lives of the one or the thousands. Real, raw, honest, Heavenly spaces with our seemingly ordinary boundaries of words and time alongside our babies as we do our best to raise them well. 

For all my girls on this motherhood journey alongside me, those to come, and those who have done the bulk of their raising through seeds sewn in the past, our words matter. Let's cultivate a spirit that is bent on drinking in scripture's revealing truths. A spirit romanced and challenged with the daily, honest time in the company of our King, so that when the time for those divine utterances present themselves, we are simply overflowing with ease and ability to step out of God's way as He speaks to our babies. Perhaps here, in these simple, profound day to say conversations with our children we will find one of our greatest entrustments this side of His return and renewal.