morning songs

The morning song. It's a beautiful thing. I have heard it said by morning people and non-morning people alike, there is something magical in the lines of her golden shadows—a holy splendor of sorts. Boiling water, coffee beans zooming and grinding to dust against themselves. The soundtrack is epic. Maybe it's the blurred vision and foggy mind that makes it all so wonderful, but the reason behind the magic is irrelevant, as is with any great magic trick. 

My home holds it's established routine. 7:30 wake up, open Bible, yoga stretches once my feet hit the floor, and the grand finale and final bow, the kitchen. We have found a correlation between the ticking dawn and our family's health + wellness. It is lot easier to finish well when we have started well. Once ahead, we stay there.

I get questions often on the simplicity of our kitchen cabinets and the seemingly unnecessarily large amounts of leafs and colorful shapes that set up temporary camp in our refrigerator. We aim for local + organic, it's simple really, we aim for real food. We aim to take His gifted temples as a treasure, not overlooking the weight of what rests inside. The intricacies of the human body, His Spirit, holy and alive. A stop, pause, in wonder whisper "woah," when you really think about it system of blood and bone, cell and skin. We aim to set the grounds for nourishment, to allow the room for health, energy, and ability to thrive. Sometimes this means avocado on sprouted bread, sometimes this means chocolate chip pancakes and real maple syrup, because balance yo.

Regardless, these glinted hours set the tone for our day and carry us through. Nestled snug into routine and the sand man's exit, they unfold with food of Holy text and forkfuls of nourishment. And don't fret, even in there amidst babies, and a hungry husband, and a dog that needs to be let outside, these grounds can be made available for God's spirit to be the grounding force you need to take on the day. Sometimes the peace comes in the loudest spaces. Here's to making room for the Holy from our first stir.

World's Best Avo Toasts

I have met two sides of the avocado toast spectrum. The first half doesn't know how to pick a ripe avocado from the rock solids, the second half swears by avocado on toast, in face-masks, covering burgers, you get it.

Lucky for you my little tribe falls somewhere in between but has managed to create THE world's best (or so we think) avocado toast. No restaurant required. Easy assembly. Baby approved. 

  1. Find the best sourdough (think bakery, not bread aisle here) you can get your hands on.
  2. Cut 1 ripe avocado in half (should be slightly smooshy to the touch, think the same tenderness of a ripe peach).
  3. Toast bread, spread (yes spread, don't slice) half cut avocado from above over bread. 
  4. Sprinkle with sea salt and a drizzle of Mike's hot honey.
  5. Crunch.

*sidenote, keep other half of avocado (pit in) wrapped in foil and in the refrigerator overnight. Repeat the next day.