In Charlottesville as in Heaven

"Whether we are aware of it or not, racism and hate are two of the greatest sins in us. ONLY Jesus and His transcendent Love can remove this fact of a fractured heart. If any of us claim to be free of bigotry, we may need to look deeper. Only the broken hearted that look inside first can help mend others. If we find ourselves unfazed or indifferent on a day like this may we be humble enough to stop and ask our gracious God to shake our soul with the empathy that fills His." @JudahSmith


Heartbroken by the hatred splashed across new screens yesterday. Even more heartbroken by the fact that our news stations are more concerned with the "tweet response time" of certain individuals, than they are proactive in rallying and encouraging communities to unite as the human race in the face of disgusting violence and hate.

May our local churches rise up and be the voice that seems to be missing in the midst of it all.

God, build Your church to demonstrate unity, to understand peace, to act on injustice, to rally around LOVE today, in real time. Let her not be silent, but let her lead in love's light. Let her be a place of healing for those physically and mentally wounded from yesterday's events, so that fear may be dispelled, and strength may rise. May we be the generation that learns the impact and application of loving our neighbor as ourselves, may we be the generation to eradicate racism and hate from our country's pulse, and may we be the generation that rises up with the truth that LOVE has, is, and will conquer all. May we be the spirit driven voice of nation-wide revival. May it be in Charlottesville as it is in Heaven. Amen.