In Las Vegas as in Heaven

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted
    and saves the crushed in spirit.

Psalm 34:18 (ESV)

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Spirit of God, fall fresh on us, we need your presence, your Kingdom come, your will be done, here as in Heaven.

Here are in Heaven (Elevation Worship)

A lack of words and a space of pain and "but how can you let this be, God?" came as quick as I heard the news of Sunday night's Las Vegas shooting. I work as social media coordinator for my local church, and honestly as I scroll through our instagram feed dotted with SO MANY recent #Prayfor_______ posts from shootings, to natural disasters, it just feels dark. And yet I read scripture and sing out worship with the promise and declaration of presence and perfect love some how, some way, taking down darkness and trickling light in to illuminate hope's song in it all. 

Honestly, I'm not there yet. I don't see the hope in it yet. I can speculate, I can believe that family members of those lost will find God in the thick of horrific tragedy, I can believe that individuals have a new awareness of the urgent call on their lives in the midst of it's fragility, I can believe that in a state of desperation, our country will turn to God even if in a bit of unsure belief because they simply don't know where else to look. But in transparency, those are beliefs that I am constantly rewriting as truths in my mind. A narrative I am choosing to believe to be greater than the outworking of evil. A Gospel storyline that wipes away tears, shatters pain, and offers a breath of air so fresh, so pure, that the unknowns, the confusing moments, the vicious attacks and attempts of evil to take out faith, and the moments of raw desperation are deflated in an exhale to draw in salvation's lifeline.

So those are the waters I will allow to wash over: Jesus saves, Heaven's hope is active and alive in and through us today, right this very moment, and the tides of a perfect love that conquers all.

For every individual affected by the tragedy in Las Vegas, I pray healing, hope, love, and Heaven's whisper deep into your spirit and soul in the name of Jesus. May it be #InLasVegasasinHeaven.