In Mosul as in Heaven

I was scrolling through my Instagram feed a few nights back only to be stopped by words and situations so far from the context of what my night had looked like. It was a repost of @preemptivelove's initial post reading:

"We’re reaching families on the edge of Mosul’s Old City right now, as heavy fighting continues just a few streets away.
This is ISIS's last stronghold in the city and more than 100,000 people are trapped inside. Families are terrified to leave because ISIS is doing everything they can to make sure no one escapes alive. But life inside is unbearable.
One dad we met during a recent food distribution said his family hadn’t eaten in five days. He told us that families in his neighborhood were buying up cardboard boxes.
Why boxes? we asked. We weren't prepared for his answer.
Families trapped in Mosul’s Old City are boiling paper boxes until soft… then feeding them to their children to keep them alive.
It's a heartbreaking situation. But you're showing up in the midst of it. You've never been the kind of people who turn away from overwhelming need. You press into the pain. You show up on the frontlines while the bullets fly and the bombs fall.
Because no one should have to feed their children cardboard to keep them alive. Please join us. Please show up for desperate families in Mosul."

I'm not sure what your day, week, or month looks like, but I ask you as the strong women, caretakers, and nurturers you are to rise up and pray for the families in Mosul.

Lord, we ask for your stand-in provision in all the places where there feels desperate lack: food, shelter, safety, comfort, rest, peace, provision. We call you as the God who provides, the Great I AM, able to satisfy the weak and eliminate enemy powers of darkness. Lord we call on your swiftness to bring justice to the evil working itself out through ISIS forces, and a great deliverance for the people of Mosul into your hands. We say yes to salvations, healings, miracles, and Holy Spirit fillings as you transform lives of struggle and hardship into renewed lives living in your freedom. We ask for oppression, both physical and spiritual to break, for children and mother's to be kept hidden from enemy's eyes, and for the men of Mosul to rise up in strength, somehow with a heavenly wisdom whispering a breath of fresh air into their lives and spirits calling them out as the men of God they were meant to be. We ask that in doing so, in your mercy, you remove them from this horrific chaos and bring them into a land of peace, their own milk and honey haven. May it be in Mosul as it is in Heaven in Jesus' name. Amen.

Brittany KellyComment